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Bespoke dry-aging service

Our bespoke dry-aging service is a somewhat niche area which we have done for many years. Available also by Mail Order, it is especially popular with clients located near our Farm Shop who even like to check up on their joint on their weekly visit for slightly more standard fare.

We charge you the price of the joint at the time we start to hang it beyond 28 days. It is then marked up with your contact details and monitored carefully for the agreed period. This idea makes a great gift as well as a subject of debate and comparison. We do try to keep product available at around 60 days of hanging but, being only a small business, demand often outstrips supply. For more information, please email:

£ 16.49£ 29.88

Superb 90+ day dry-aged ribeye steak

£ 65.00£ 195.00

Superb 60+ day dry-aged boned & rolled Forerib

£ 110.00£ 220.00

The Beef Forerib is the classic 4 or 5 bone beef rib roasting joint. In the USA it is the prime rib. In the UK it is our standing rib roast. At Northfield, we mature and dry age our whole grass-fed foreribs on the bone for a number of weeks, before trimming and cutting. We [...]

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£ 65.00

Stunning White Park cattle, Dry-aged for over 80!!! days, while stocks last

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£ 8.00

White Park Beef. Dry-Aging since 17/07/23. Supplied by JV McCourt and Sons.

£ 65.95

The Sirloin steak is cut from the sirloin joint which runs the middle length of the animal, with the filet (Undercut) beneath it, this is the most valuable combination. This is why cattle with long backs are so sought after in pedigree breeding. It is the equivalent of the saddle in Lamb, Mutton or Venison. [...]

£ 11.00£ 13.75

Jersey Beef offers a distinctive and delightful experience, thanks to its exceptional qualities

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