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Because of customer demand we are now offering a further aging on our beef from our standard 28+days. Here you will find a small selection of our exceptionally dry aged beef of 60+days aged.

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Superb 70+ day dry-aged ribeye steak

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Superb 60+ day dry-aged boned & rolled Forerib

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£ 42.99

T-Bone steak is the sirloin & filet steaks so you get the best of both worlds!

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Rump Steak, like all prime cuts of beef should come from grass fed animals, ideally rare and heritage type breeds which have been properly hung at a constant temperature a degree or two above freezing to allow it to slowly mature, the fibres to break down and the wonderful distinctive flavour to develop. Lean, but [...]

£ 110.00£ 220.00

The Beef Forerib is the classic 4 or 5 bone beef rib roasting joint. In the USA it is the prime rib. In the UK it is our standing rib roast. At Northfield, we mature and dry age our whole grass-fed foreribs on the bone for a number of weeks, before trimming and cutting. We [...]

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The Sirloin steak is cut from the sirloin joint which runs the middle length of the animal, with the filet (Undercut) beneath it, this is the most valuable combination. This is why cattle with long backs are so sought after in pedigree breeding. It is the equivalent of the saddle in Lamb, Mutton or Venison. [...]

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