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Here you will find a ever changing selection of cuts from our butchery, check back on a weekly basis to see if theres a specific breed you would like to try.

Bespoke dry-aging service

Our bespoke dry-aging service is a somewhat niche area which we have done for many years. Available also by Mail Order, it is especially popular with clients located near our Farm Shop who even like to check up on their joint on their weekly visit for slightly more standard fare.

£ 5.75

Delicously marinated BBQ chicken wings ready to be cooked

£ 2.00£ 4.00

Each burger will weigh approximately 200g if you select the hand pressed. The frozen ones are 113g each. simply select however many you need If you have any queries or specific requirements please do contact us and we will be happy to help you

£ 13.99£ 22.38

Charollais 82+ Dry Aged Beef from Mr Chapman, Yorkshire

£ 11.49£ 18.38

Charollais 82+ Dry Aged Beef from Mr Chapman, Yorkshire

£ 5.03£ 19.26

Our delicious Chipolatas use our Lincolnshire Sausage mix packed into the slimmer natural lamb casings. As with the original Lincolnshire sausage, you are getting really good pork, with a little bit of Rusk to hold the juices and flavours inside the skin while the sausage cooks, seasoned with pepper, sage, salt and a few extra [...]

£ 8.38£ 16.75

From a north African recipe, Lamb, chilli powder, coriander, harissa and salt. Delicious. Should you have any questions and queries please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you

£ 10.68£ 35.08

In packs of 6, roughly 700g . Try our recipe for Toad in the Hole for the perfect way to use our Lincolnshire Sausages

£ 7.00

Unlock the door to a world of flavor with our Marinated Pork Belly Ribs in Sticky BBQ Sauce. Satisfy your cravings for premium quality, succulent ribs, and that sticky, finger-licking BBQ sauce.

£ 5.75

Unleash your inner spice enthusiast with our Spicy Lamb Kebabs. Bursting with fiery flavors and tender lamb, this culinary masterpiece promises an unforgettable experience. Place your order today and get ready to set your taste buds on fire!

£ 9.50

Sunflower Honey – gathered by Leigh’s Bees from vibrant fields of Sunflowers.

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