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Cornish Sea Salt Original Crystals are moister and chunkier than flakes and stay crunchy for longer. If it’s texture and flavour you’re after, then these are great for adding a burst of zesty mineral flavour to sweets and bakery products such as brownies, ice cream and salted caramel, as well as salads and roasted vegetables. The Original Crystals are also ideal for toppings on fish and meat, combined with fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.

£ 3.50

Cornish Sea Salt - Fresh & Zesty - 55g

£ 3.10

Cornish Sea Salt - Original Sea Salt

£ 3.50

Cornish Sea Salt Chilli Hit 50g

£ 3.50

Cornish Sea Salt Lemon Pepper 55g

£ 3.50

Cornish Sea Salt Mexican - 55g

£ 3.50

Cornish Sea Salt Really Garlicky 55g

Out of stock
£ 3.50

Cornish Sea Salt Roasting Salt 50g

£ 3.99

Cornish Sea Salt Seaweed Flakes 60g

£ 2.50

Cornish Sea Salt Smoked Flakes

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