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Blast Frozen from Christmas to lock in the flavour, these are still excellent birds if you fancy something different or special.

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£ 91.50£ 106.75

5.0-6.0 KG = 13.2 lbs 6.0-7.0 KG = 15.40 lbs

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£ 81.25

4.5-5.0 KG = 11 lbs

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£ 35.03£ 74.72

For those who either do not need a whole turkey, or who are not fond of dark meat, we are able to offer Free-range Norfolk Bronze Breast Rolls. These consist of the beautiful, well-hung breast meat from these magnificent birds, rolled as they are. If you wish to have this wrapped in bacon or stuffed, [...]

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£ 89.40£ 134.10

The Free-range Bronze Turkey Crowns sold at Northfield Farm are exactly the same quality as the whole turkeys we sell. The Crown is both turkey breasts and wings, on the bone. It is a wonderful joint for those who do not like the dark meat of the turkey, but who like the show-stopping qualities of [...]

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£ 79.60£ 89.55

7.0-8.0 KG = 17.6 lbs 8.0-9.0 KG = 19.8 lbs

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£ 99.50£ 109.45

9.0-10.0 KG = 22 lbs 11.0 KG = 24.2 lbs

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