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David and Peri met in Roma Ciampino Airport in 1985 and discovered a common passion for holistic wellbeing, sustainable agriculture and Italian food.

Within a few years they launched a small batch of premium Lunaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced on their Southern Tuscan farm, and began searching the country for other speciality producers who shared their enthusiasm for real, artisanal Italian food.

What makes our brand different?

Every single one of our products is from a specialist, innovative producer, who uses higher quality ingredients and production methods than any other maker we’ve found in Italy, resulting in what we’re confident is the most delicious, authentic range of Italian food on the market.

Italians identify strongly with their local, regional foods and we like to think that it took us impassioned and dedicated outsiders to see the bigger picture and select the best of the best from all over Italy’s wildly rich landscape and culinary heritage.

Over 30 years on, we source all over Italy, from artisan pioneers who make truly delicious food, with simple, clean ingredients.

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