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The Ribman’s famous Holy Fuck Hot Sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia chilis. As I make my sauce fresh every week and without a recipe the taste will always differ slightly but the heat and flavour will always be there.

Holy Mother of God Hot Sauce 200ml

THE hottest sauce i make using the THREE HOTTEST chillies in the world Carolina Reapers Trinidadian Scorpions Dorset Nagas

Buffalo Wing Sauce 200g

After many many many requests I finally had to make time to bring back another AWESOME sauce – #BaconHolyFuck on your morning Eggs is something special

Out of stock

Due the AMAZING response from everyone at #ribstock I really had NO choice in putting this extra hot version on sale. Christ on a Bike comes in a 200ml Glass Bottle and has 3 TIMES THE NAGAS as my regular Holy Fuck Hot Sauce!

Been meaning to put this online for ages but never had the time – then we realise we need to MAKE time for each other

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