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Over the years at Northfield Farm we have won many awards for our sausages. We have won little local awards, and we have won big nationwide awards.

The most important award and reward to us, however, is that our customers come back to us week in and week out and say how much they love our sausages, how much their children and grandchildren love our sausages, and that they would like some more this week if that’s ok!

We start always with the fine pork that we sell, outdoor-bred, free-range, delicious pork. Then we cut up pork shoulder, pork belly and a bit of pork leg, so that it is visually about 75-80% lean, 20-25% fat. You need fat in sausages – for flavour, juiciness and cookability. And then we add the minimum of other natural flavours, spices, fresh herbs and seasonings to get to that place of utter delicious sausage heaven …..

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