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2017 Great Taste Award Winner

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This delicious bbq sauce has more than a hint of garlic and works perfectly as a baste or dip. 280g

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An Island brewed artisan amber ale, crafted to perfection to give a bittersweet malt and hop taste. Infused with an unlikely but majestic garlic note, using our extraordinary heat-aged Black Garlic. With the simplest ingredients you have a complex but compelling and unique flavour. Beer lovers rejoice. 4.1% vol.

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A refined, creamy Mayonnaise with an added blend of sweet black garlic, lemon and a dash of Mustard. Smooth with a velvety zing. 240g

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Deliciously sweet and syrupy, with hints of balsamic vinegar and a distinctive umami flavour, our black garlic puree is ready to use – simply squeeze into any dish. An essential for any gourmet chef and suitable for almost any dish, sweet or savoury. No peeling, crushing, slicing. Just open and squeeze! Suitable for Vegans & [...]

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Creamed horseradish is a strongly flavoured combination of horseradish, vinegar and Cream with the added essential garlic undertone. This traditional tangy accompaniment to roast beef also partners steaks, beef stews & smoked fish. Suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten Free Net weight 170g

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Garlic farm Onion Marmalade

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By combining both fresh garlic and heat-aged black garlic with a lightly salted creamy Butter, a depth of rich and smooth flavour is created. Melt onto steamed or sautéed vegetables or make garlic bread with a twist. The umami flavours of this Butter make it perfect for melting over steak, chicken or fish. Please note, [...]

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A spiced up garlic jam that will compliment hot or cold red meats, cheeses and roasted vegetables. Try adding a spoonful as the last ingredient to your gravy mix. Suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free Net weight 240g

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A thick, smooth & creamy garlic Mayonnaise tasting as it should. There’s no turning back. Suitable for Vegertarians & Gluten Free Net weight 240g

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Our classic garlic mayo with a bit of bite. Perfect as a dipping sauce, with sausages or why not try a chilli mayo coleslaw? Suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten Free Net weight 250g

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Easy to use garlic purée. The essential aid for the gourmet chef. Suitable for almost any dish where garlic is required and especially when time is of the essence. No peeling, crushing, slicing. Just open and squeeze! Suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free Please note that separation of the product can occur – please give [...]

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The tantalising combination of Oak-Smoked garlic & Butter. Create a unique Oak-Smoked garlic bread or revolutionise your baked potatoes. Use with Chicken, Steaks & Fish. 200g Delicious tossed with vegetables, particularly mushrooms & sweetcorn. Please note, due to the nature of this product it can be shipped to UK mainland and IOW only. Suitable for [...]

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2019 Great Taste Award Winner

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Roast Garlic Jam is a great condiment for hot and cold red meat and cheeses. It also works brilliantly with roasted root vegetables. For a great gravy recipe, after thickening the juices from your roasted meat with some corn flour try stirring in a generous spoonful of roast garlic jam. Suitable for Vegans & Gluten [...]

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Bottled at source in a handy re-usable grinder, our sea salt with garlic and black pepper sorts all of your seasoning requirements in one go! Why take three seasonings to the table when one will do! Suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free Net weight 60g

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Sea Salt with Garlic 60g

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A classic Teriyaki sauce with a luxury black garlic twist, marinate your chicken or seafood for a gourmet touch. Recommended for stews and casseroles for extra flavour. Drizzle on noodles and in stir fries to liven up a simple meal. Drizzle on grilled fish or marinate strips of beef and add to a salad with [...]

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A Mayonnaise that has an addictive quality with creamy garlic flavours.. Add liberally as a topping to a traditional steak sandwich served with French fries & fresh crisp salad. Perfect with grilled meats or when used simply as a dip.

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A blood-red tomato salsa with serious garlic undertones makes this the ideal associate for home made burgers & sausages and a must for pre-barbecue snack with tortilla chips. Try Vampire Relish as an alternative to tomato sauce or to stir through your pasta dish. Alternatively, this delicious tangy relish is simply addictive when used as [...]

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