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We stock a small selection of fabulous cheeses, local and from farther afield. Should there be a specific whole cheese you require, we can normally source it with approximately a week's notice.

£ 4.95

Brie de Meaux Donge 150g

£ 4.95

A strong and creamy cheddar in 200g black wax truckle.

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£ 7.65

Gorwydd Caerphilly is handmade to a traditional recipe, using the organic, unpasteurised Milk from a single herd. The Cheese is matured for 2-3 months to allow the textures and flavours to develop.

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£ 7.45

The flavour and texture of the Cheese varies both daily and seasonally depending on time of year, stage of lactation, weather and an infinite number of other factors. Every batch is graded at 12 months and decide both how long to keep it and whether it is Poacher or Vintage. It is usually mature for [...]

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£ 6.99

A powerful individual, hand waxed cheddar Cheese.

£ 3.25

220g wedge of glorious blue Stilton Cheese from Long Clawson Dairy

£ 3.99

Longley Farm Butter 250g

£ 9.75£ 19.50

During maturation, Parmigiano-Reggiano gains its typical granular structure, and when cut it into slivers, it becomes crumbly and soluble. Delicious, easy to digest and with a host of nutritional benefits, Parmigiano-Reggiano always exceeds expectations. The unique taste of a product made without additives, with its concentration of proteins, vitamins, calcium and mineral salts make it [...]

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Pecorino Romano is a classic Italian sheeps Milk Cheese. It has a salty flavour with a firm texture, making it easy to grate. It is a tasty addition to any salad when grated over the top.

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£ 4.35

An artisan Cheese handmade on the Farm in Inglewhite using Milk from our herd of pedigree Holstein Freisians. Aged for a minimum of 6 months, our clothbound Red Leicester has a firm texture and nutty sweet finish. A winner on any cheeseboard.

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Pecorino Sardo, traditionally from the Italian island of Sardinia, is a sheeps Milk Cheese with a firm texture. It’s flavour is much richer than the Pecorino Romano.

£ 5.40£ 10.80

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