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We make this succulent chutney with Kentish Bramley apples and a liberal measure of Somerset cider brandy for a boozy kick. Indecently good with roast pork, mature cheeses and pies.

£ 4.15

Cut yourself a slab of good, strong cheddar, find the crustiest loaf you can, and savour the perfect mouthful of fruity, salty, sticky and crunchy, with a background glow of fresh ginger.

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Formerly know as Original Onion Marmalade, this was the UK’s first onion marmalade, and rather special it is too. Made with a splish of redcurrant juice for a pleasing tang, it’s excellent with pâtés, terrines and cheeses, and incomparable when melted over sausages.

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This festive chutney is the perfect addition to any Christmas Cheese board and cooked meats.

£ 4.15

Our founder made the very first batch of this classic chutney from all the veg he could find in his garden. Sweet, tangy and subtly spiced, it’s a cheeseboard champion.

£ 5.75

Our original, multi award-winner, this addictive, sticky-sweet chilli jam smoulders with a gentle heat from fistfuls of fresh red chillies. Incredibly versatile, our chilli jam is beautiful with fish, meats, sarnies and creamy cheeses.

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Fresh Chilli Jam Heart-Shaped Jar - 350g

£ 4.05

When we’re roasting the exotic spices for this rich, dark chutney, nostrils flare throughout the building. It’s heaven with Cheese and adds aromatic depth to mayo – perfect in a chicken sandwich.

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Made for us in India with tangy green mangoes, this is proper, authentic stuff. Sweet and luscious, it adds a final, fruity flourish to curries and creamy coronation chicken.

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Gently roasted cumin, coriander seeds and fresh chillies give this boisterous version of our mango chutney a lip-tingling heat with mellow notes of spice. Fire up curries with a generous dollop.

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The origin of this strange word traces back to the extraordinary Hannah Glasse in her 1758 recipe (receipt) for India Pickle. Over the centuries it has become the perfect traditional, British condiment for Cheddar, cold meats, and especially crusty pork pies. This version of this curious Mustard pickle packs a punch of sharpness and crunch, just as it should.

£ 4.15

This has everything you want in a pickle – a toothsome crunch, a sweet tang and a sharp bite. There’s no better partner for a ploughman’s, or a thick-cut ham sandwich.

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Fresh Chilli Jam Heart-Shaped Jar – 350g

£ 4.20

As dark, rich and fragrant as plum cake, we make this with Stanley plums for their sharp fruitiness, mixed with fresh orange zest and subtle spices. A knock-out with any Cheese or cold meat.

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Inspired by a relish we tried in France, we make this by soaking plump figs in spiced vinegar before gently cooking them with rich, dark sugar. The result is at once tangy and sweet – superb with soft cheeses.

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Enjoy with summer BBQ or meaty sarnies. 220g

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Sometimes the simplest things are the most superlative, like this rich chutney, bursting with generous chunks of tomato and onions. It’s gorgeous with cold meats, pies and good, mature cheddar.

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