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£ 3.95

A herbal note, the sweetness of apples and a shot of Suffolk cider vinegar, this savoury jelly perks up roast pork and stuffing, sauces and gravies.

£ 4.00

A dollop of this fragrant jelly will revolutionise a plate of cold meats and cheeses. Bees just adore medlar blossom, so we’re giving 50p for every jar sold towards saving the bees. Now doesn’t that make you feel warm and buzzy?

£ 3.55

School children from Sherston School help us pick crabapples for this rich, fruity jelly and 25p for each jar sold goes to the School. Spoon over roast meats with a saintly glow. It’s made using crabapples picked by the local community so get it whilst stocks last.

£ 3.75

Made with a good squeeze of lemon, this very minty jelly lifts roast lamb, carrots, peas and new potatoes onto a new plane of deliciousness.

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£ 3.75

Sweetness with a gentle heat, this punchy jelly is addictive and steals the show at barbecues.

£ 3.75

Sweet, tangy and ruby-red, this is a jewel of a jelly. A classic accompaniment for roast lamb, it’s also great with gammon and rich, gamey meats.

£ 3.90

Fresh Chilli Jam Heart-Shaped Jar – 350g

£ 3.75

Sparkling with fresh rosemary and sharpened with lemon juice, it cuts through the richness of roast lamb and is beautiful with buttery spuds.

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