Here at Northfield Farm have been making all our homemade butcher sausages ever since our first inception.

Currently our most popular sausage is our Lincolnshire Sausage. We used to call it pork & herb and was the first sausage we ever created. It was based on a recipe from Mrs. Beeton’s original book of household management.

It is astonishing the alchemy you can achieve with delicious free range pork, a few added ingredients and a bit of love. We sell our sausages in multiples of 1 – 10,001, although we would ask for a bit of forward warning if you want a huge quantity for a party, barbeque, special event or fundraiser!

We use all natural sausage skins to make the sausages. Sausage casings are from the small intestines of either Pork, Beef or Lamb. For our Chipolata or ‘thin’ sausages we use natural Lamb casings and for the Lincolnshire or ‘wide’ sausages we use the natural Pork casings.

We have won many awards for our sausages throughout the years and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do making them.


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Weekly Specials

We are often found experimenting with different flavours so you’ll find sausages or burgers not listed on our website in our farm shop. 

Currently you will find:

Pork & Mozzarella with fresh Basil.
Pork & Stilton
Lamb, Mint & Ginger

Showcase: Spicy Italian

Our Spicy Italian Sausages are simply just coarsely chopped Pork, Garlic, Fennel Seeds, Green & Red Chili. No rusk, no preservatives, just a heavenly meaty sausage.

Northfield Farm make these divine naturally gluten free pork sausages every week. They follow a recipe shared with us by our master butcher Piero, who hails from Puglia in Southern Italy.

They contain fresh herbs, fresh garlic and a touch of fresh red & green chilli for heat, together with a few secret seasonings for the magic to happen! They are delicious with roasted Mediterranean vegetables or cooked on the barbeque.