How to cook the perfect steak guide

The first thing to do is establish how big (thick) your steak is.


For steaks up to 450g (¾ inch thick) I recommend  leaving your steaks on the side in the kitchen to come up to room temperature before cooking and resting. 


For larger (thicker) steaks I recommend doing a “reverse sear”. Set your oven to 100 C and heat your steak for 30 minutes before searing in a hot pan (see method). This brings the internal temperature of the meat up slowly, and does a great job of rendering the fat.


I always use a temperature probe when cooking steaks.


I have tried many different probes but find these fast acting digital ones the best!

Pre heat a pan/skillet until hot ( starting to smoke a little) put your steak into the pan and turn every 60-90 seconds. The time between turns is just a guide as in reality, you are aiming for a brown crisp outside without burning it.


  1. Either bring the steak to room temperature or heat at 100°C for 30 minutes as above
  2. Pre heat your pan/ skillet with oil or butter until starting to smoke
  3. Place your steak in the pan, cook until brown and crisp, turn the steak and repeat on the other side
  4. Check the steak regularly with your probe until it hits the desired temperature (see below)
  5. Remove from pan and rest. For steaks up to 450g/ ¾ inch thick, wrap in tin foil and leave on a board to rest for 10 minutes. For larger steaks I recommend resting for 20 minutes.

Internal probe temperatures

Blue= 46oC

Rare= 52oC

Medium= 58oC

Well done=68oC +


Once rested, I slice the steak on a board and season well with flaky sea salt (Maldon or equivalent) and coarse black pepper.


I always slice steaks before plating them up. The main reason being I have usually done 2-3 different types… almost always a ribeye then either a sirloin, rump or a piece of bavette.


If we are cooking for other people, a piece of lamb or pork completes the trio perfectly. I then make a platter on a chopping board to create a carnivorous centrepiece for people round the table to help themselves to. Some people like to have a whole steak on a plate, so do whatever you prefer, and most importantly ENJOY!

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